The wave crashed into me, and pulled me under. And I willingly let it take me away, sand is never a strong foundation.

It was an average day, until the voices started again. Telling me what they thought, as if it was something they had actually known. And I, in a constant weakened state of mind, believed all of it.

“They aren’t your real friends, they talk to you for their own personal entertainment.” They shouted at me over and over again, until all that had my mind’s attention was a paranoia so deep the person sniffling across the room made me jolt in my seat.

“We are your only friends, we know everything, and still stick around.”

“Leave them all.”

“Leave them all”

I reflected back to every suspicious event, every time I was confused as to what I did wrong. And I realized that none of them really did like me.

My day was spent in silence. My life was spent without a single relationship outside of my head. My death was spent without anyone shedding a tear, and no money was spent on a funeral.


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