Untitled Poem 17

This semester in creative writing, I actually learned a lot. Poetry is definitely my final preference as far as a type of creative writing. I learned that I don’t like script writing, at all, like can’t stand it. However, without trying it out (and failing) I wouldn’t have known. I feel like I got in touch with my emotions a little better as well, I got a new look at what goes on in my head.

The poem I chose is short and sweet but at the time of righting it the words really came off the page and punched me in the face. The impact of my talent to write, not to sound conceited, has really made being able to feel my feelings a lot easier, because I know what I write makes the reader feel that too, or at least like I hope so. Anyways, if this makes you feel any type of emotion, I did my job. It’s definitely not the best but I do think it efficiently expresses my aggression toward the common trend of the current day to look like and act like everyone else.

I will be continuing my blog posts after this year is over. I’m gonna have a ton of fun with it I promise.

So, without further ado, I give to you, Untitled Poem 17.

I woke up with a migraine,

Roll out of bed to start the day.

Just another 24 hours, feeling crazy,

Socialization kills me, they call it lazy.

I just observe and manipulate,

Study and reciprocate.

I can see all the carbon copies and the fakes.

Individuality is the new dead trend.

The copy machine took them, I have dead friends

It’s better to dress like each other and pretend, I guess.

I’m zoned out, out of body, out of mind.

I’m probably the only one who still uses mine.

The value of a gum wrapper, the significance of an entire new generation…


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